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What are Baby Boppers Classes all about?

Our Baby Boppers Music & Movement classes have been specially designed to support your little one's early interactions and development. The classes include plenty of varied activities that stimulate the senses, through both sight and sound as well as touch and gentle movement.

Structured Classes

Although each class follows the same structure each week (which helps baby to feel secure in our safe and nurturing space) we use different themes, songs and props to keep our content fresh and exciting!

During the classes we take part in group activity as well as one-on-one experiences with baby, keeping your little one focused and interested and strengthening that all important bond between baby and you.

What makes us different?

Our classes predominantly focus on creating a nurturing but fun environment that encourages bonding between baby and you. Props are kept to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your baby and instead we place more importance on facial expressions, touch and movement.

We want you to live 'in the moment', escape the busy and hectic world outside and spend valuable quality time with your child in our classes. We want you to make memories that last a lifetime!

We would love to welcome you and your baby to our classes in 2024, hope to see you soon! You can check out what's happening here

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